Early White Bass

A 30 plus white bass day on the San Gabriel River where I’m virtually all alone and my thumb goes raw… What are the odds?

With exception to all the crowds, the odds are actually pretty good. You can increase the odds without the current battling of drought conditions paired with the on-again/off-again freezing weather we’ve been experiencing the last few weeks. Texas weather- go figure. Texas drought- I hate you. But I digress.


All that aside, I had me a new Diablo Paddlesports kayak to break in- hell or high water. So the to the San Gabriel just shy of Granger Lake is where I went. (For the record, information on this location is readily available and published by Texas Parks and Wildlife. I’m not giving any secrets away here.)


Previously my first round of trips to the area had been semi uneventful; all but the exception of my first White Bass. I began to question if the spot was any good or not. Although I have to mention that even being ahead of the spring spawn-run there were never any less than 20 cars there. All parked and lining the road along the access. Everyone was waiting- even the bass.

So, taking advantage of a good day off I set in. It didn’t take long to adjust to the new platform my Diablo provided; stand up casting at ease and a greater rotation to angle from. I am in love. Then paddling just out side of the few the bank fishers’ casts the magic began to happen. Now, I wish everyone a good day fishing- no matter their preference in their pursuit of any chosen quarry. But I have to admit there was a secret guilt and string of glee in me from reeling them in just beyond their reach. The whole world, it seemed, to have a slow day. All except for me.





It was a great day on the water. The Blue Bonnets have been springing up all around the Hill Country and even though our crazy weather has continued- great days on the water can still be had. Make it a point if you can to visit your favorite Texas river. Before you know it the heat will be upon us and we’ll be wishing for cooler days. Days like this.

Fish on,

4 Replies to “Early White Bass”

  1. Nice job Anthony! I need a day like that soon. I’ve been spending a lot of time exploring and gathering information (the Narrows, Reimers, Colorado bend, the Llano etc.) but had little to no luck. Just can’t make myself do the crowds on the Gabriel but maybe I just need to avoid them with a paddle like you did.

    1. Thanks Eric. With the river weather finally starting to arrive for the hang out crowds and other river patrons- every good fall/winter spot I know gets overrun. I say good… I mean easy. But you know as well as anyone, that extra mile hike or paddle is where the real magic is at. Thanks, hope you have your day soon!

  2. Hi Anthony, great article. Wondering where you put in with your Diablo. I recently purchased one as well, and I recognize the area of your pics.


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